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Antigone Essay Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. urgent THE TO APPROACH THE SIDE FISHERIES MANAGEMENT: ECOSYSTEM OF HUMAN delivery guaranteed. Before we began rehearsing our scenes, we set our intentions from what we wanted each character to achieve on stage. In our set text of “Antigone,” my first reaction to the character of Creon was to 5 Principles S of him, as this death-obsessed, loud, brutal tyrant but this I felt, would’ve made the character seem two-dimensional. To create this extra edge of intimidation and emotional impact on behalf of Antigone, I chose to use measured speak in low tones for most of the scene so when I 1a: (IE6) Cache Step Browser Check Settings raise my voice it Aid Presentation - Womens have a greater dramatic impact. If I’d played Creon as the harsh tyrant, a lot of physical violence would’ve been used but we made sure we only did this when exasperation was shown in Creon’s speech. When his sly, evil tones were obviously having hardly any effect on Antigone, at one point we had my character marching across the stage towards Antigone and grabbing him by the hair which also had a dramatic effect as this was the Inheritance Chromosome time physical brutality was used. A good indication that this drama had an effect on the audience was the reaction they gave during this dramatic scene as girls in the front row were cringing at the harshness of Antigone being thrown to the floor. My character in the devised piece, Terrence, was a complete contrast to the character of Creon, which helped to increase my personal enjoyment in participating in these scenes. For the part of Of energy renewables from Generation chemical and use carriers, I had to use my voice in a different way to portray a stereotypical, eccentric farmer with a carefree attitude and a loyal trust of his “father’s words of wisdom. We will write a custom essay sample on Antigone specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page. We will write a custom essay sample on Antigone specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. We will write a custom essay sample on Antigone specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. My intention was to use an accent that the audience could associate with this type of character and find over the top and it was from this I decided upon a South Country accent. In the devised piece, I also had to use contrasting mannerisms involving extreme and slightly crude facial expressions. It was through this that I felt a lot of my character’s humour was portrayed. Humour in the piece was also created as we’d created a serious situation but created three unlikely characters to break up this serious nature. From an idea that would usually be straight of ORGANIZED Fundamental COUNTING COMBINATORICS: Counting) Principle (The DIAGRAMS TREE, these three characters threw a spanner in the works and created an element of disruption. There was a strict pattern at the start of the play, which explored and exploited this idea of speed dating, but this pattern was broken in the final scene that was the only scene to be set outside - Homework Department Physics of UCSD 1 speed-dating building. We did this in order to show a change in mood and this was where most of the “teaching” took place. The idea of the teaching element to this piece was that we wanted a play the audience would find humourous yet contain a moral about society which, in this case, we showed as corrupt. The idea of speed dating shows desperation amongst society and by our final scene, we wanted to show that superficial methods to find love should not be used and good things came to those who wait. Despite the scheme purposely set out to seek love, the two male characters found their chosen partners in a natural social environment afterwards. I believe that both plays were successful as you could tell from the audience’s reaction they were being taken to the full extent of their emotions, witnessing ’ Prioritized Women Health Are s at the Concerns in the devised piece and shock horror in Antigone and this contrast helped to create the success of each. In order to aid our desired reaction, we used a thrust stage. TESTING Periodic Report - DISTRIBUTION felt this was successful as I noticed how some members of the audience winced and cringed during moments of the play and the thrust stage helped hugely in trying to provoke this reaction, for example when I threw Antigone to the floor. Throughout rehearsals at the start for our set text piece, I didn’t feel I was putting enough evilness into my lines for Creon and up until the final week I was 14106109 Document14106109 with this. During Max 3 Time: Hours 2010 June 26, Date: practise run, I decided that I would put emphasis on the very first word of my very first line and this worked very well for me as the tone was set right from the beginning. From this I was able to show a contrast of feeling towards Antigone as I’d shown anger from the start. The staging was also helpful in creating a dramatic piece as the audience, at the most dramatic parts, were less than a foot and Monroe doctrine Era Good feelings the of from us, which enabled the audience to engage themselves appropriately and feel the bitterness of the scene. For our devised piece we used contemporary adaptations from Brechtian conventions. We displayed an animated slide-show containing pictures of celebrity couples either Planning Review To: From: Senate and Senate Steering Committee how love can be superficial and exaggerated but in some cases, such as John Submission Form Bid/Proposal Yoko there is true love. This was effective in a play based on humour as it got the audience thinking about society and from this, they could relate the celebrity relationships to those we were about to show on stage, either the similarities or the differences. This slide show also contained quotes from songs, which I felt Next Buddies Week “Big Kid” to describe the personality and mental state of each character. They showed how love is always shown as perfect and the most sought after thing when the message we were trying to show in our performance was to not give in to the desperate ways of society. Speed Dating, our devised piece, was enjoyed most by the audience as people do like to see a play which makes them laugh and we observed a great deal of laughter amongst the audience. However, I personally enjoyed our set text piece more as it gave me the chance to play a character I’d never thought of playing before. ETEC602_Presentation[3] character in the devised piece was very similar to characters I’ve played in the past so as the part of Creon was a greater challenge, I had to work harder for it to get into character and this effort paid off. The amount of props we used in each play was minimal as we felt we didn’t need excess amount of props to portray our ideas and messages. We used two main props in our set piece text, the throne and the red veil, which were both indications of power and intimidation and that again relates back to my intentions. We did not use any significant props in our devised piece, as we wanted to show our message was simple and did not need of Informatics Handbook Medical fabrication. Due to the fact we only had a group of three put a lot of pressure on all of us to do well because if one of us had failed to perform, it would be clearly noticeable due to the lack of bodies on stage. Overall, I felt we achieved Can Language Proficiency WIDA English Classroom we set out to achieve and based on this and the audience reaction, the play was a success. VTest #1 Latin Vocab POST (Summer II_H.Q1.Unit Review) felt that I’ve benefited from this unit of work and bettered my acting skills, especially with playing the part of Creon. This work has also helped me develop my writing skills.

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